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Last modified: 01 Jul 1999

Author: Dan MacIntosh
Date: Jul 1999

Delirious Has been criticized in the past for over relying upon derivative U2-isms to shape its sound. But with Mezzapmorphis, one can clearly recognize this group's emerging individualism beginning to shine through. In fact, one would be hard pressed to name any single group these Brits sound like, and that's a good thing.

Melodic guitars and vocals separate Delirious from the doom-and-gloom end of the modern music artistic spectrum. They're not traditional rock. Not exactly dance music. And not entirely new wave revivalism, either. But they are a little of each of these, and more.

With the song "Follow," though, you might hear a hint Radiohead's influence. But unlike the hopelessness associated with that great group's recorded output, Delirious is all about hope. One song talks about "The Mezzanine Floor," and how mankind now exists somewhere between hell, earth and heaven, with the ultimate hope of reaching glory, and the self-explanatory "Heaven" expands upon this ultimate home for believers.

What makes Delirious unique is its ability to write lyrics that immediately appeal to Christians who know exactly what they're talking about -- without ever rubbing non-believers the wrong way.

Mezzamorphis is a colorful addition to the oftentimes-colorless gray area of modern rock music.

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