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Last modified: 02 Nov 2001

Author: Dave Wood
Date: 02 Nov 2001

I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever [new version] (3:34)

'I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever' starts with a choir gently humming a backing track to accompany Martin Smith's calming vocals, softly repeating "I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever". This is punctuated after about 25 seconds with a sudden drum beat and looping guitar chords, which then becomes a backing to the verse, creating a perfect tempo: "Over the mountains and the sea Your river runs with love for me / and I will open up my heart and let the Healer set me free / I'm happy to be in the truth and I will daily lift my hands / for I will always sing of when your love came down". As the verse ends, the choir return to repeat a soothing "si-ng" as a background to Martin Smith's repeated chorus of "I could sing of Your love forever". The effect is quite stunning.

The music all but stops and a curious crackling static effect manoeuvres the song into the bridge: "Oh, I feel like dancing- it's foolishness I know / but when the world has seen the light / they will dance with joy like we're dancing now." For a lingering moment the tune floats on the last note, before once again breaking into a choir lead chorus of "si-ing". A female vocalist joins in to direct the song into a choral chorus "I could sing of Your love forever..." Martin Smith's vocals then fade in to join the chorus in an outstanding melody, bringing the song to its final apex.

This may be a very simple song, but musically its complexity and genius makes it anthemic whilst still being a ballad. The verses have a moody feel to them, contrasting with the almost angelic feeling of the smoothly sung chorus. First written by Martin Smith back in 1994, the song has now been cut down to a more suitable length for secular release (the original version was over 6 minutes long with repeated verses). Whilst the overtly Christian lyrics remain unchanged, the music itself has been updated in line with the direction Delirious? have been taking their music on in the intervening 7 years.

Certainly the terrorist events of 11th September 2001 and the resulting change in world apathy have had a role in the decision to release the song at this time. Even so it may still surprise some that Delirious? have chosen to release such a well known worship song into the mainstream arena. After all, many would say that the secular media's apparent reluctance to support Delirious? is a direct result of the band's Christian origins. But just maybe this bold decision by a band who have never attempted to hide their beliefs, will be an answer to critics in both the Christian and secular worlds alike. The industry respected music magazine 'Q' taunted the most recent Delirious? album 'Audio Lessonover?' by saying that it "...hints at spiritual concerns, but fights shy of actually going there". Whilst this release is unlikely to mark a new era of Delirious? releasing worship songs to the mainstream charts, it is a step that certainly proves they are not going to hide the Truth. The timing is right, are the minds willing?

Delirious? release 'I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever' on December 10th.

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