World Service (Relevant Magazine)
Last modified: 01 Jan 2004

Source: Relevant Magazine
Author: Erika Larson
Date: Jan 2004

Nobody pulls off being worship leaders and rock stars as well as Delirious? With their sixth studio release, the band brings their themes back to straight praise. Offering a host of memorable rock tunes that would fit into any modern church service, Delirious? once again proves to have their fingers on the pulse of an emerging generation looking for both sincerity and an experience with God. Nothing on this disc is particularly original, but Delirious? is bent on delivering moving songs that will be of service to listeners, as the album title suggests. The heavy guitars, unquestionably influenced by U2, work well with the vocals of frontman Martin Smith, who seems more comfortable than ever with his emotive singing voice.

"Majesty (Here I Am)", the first single off the album, utilizes a catchy drum loop and is definitely the strongest track. Its focus on appreciating God's character is carried on in "Grace Like a River" and "God in Heaven." Other tracks touch on loosing a loved on ("Mountains High") and God's insistent pursuit of us ("Feel It Comin' On," "Inside Outside").

Altogether, World Service is the best we've seen from Delirious? since the "My Glorious" days of Glo.

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