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Last modified: 19 Nov 2002

Author: Michael Lyttle
Date: 19 Nov 2002

Leaders of the modern transatlantic worship movement, Delirious seem to reinvent themselves with each release. The worship-oriented Glo captured fans and critics alike in 2000 with its earnest appeal of today's rock for tomorrow's church.

With Touch, Delirious step ahead into uncharted musical territory with a release of depth and passion. But what other ground is there for true pioneers like Delirious? From the charismatic title track to the melancholy closing of "Stealing Time," the band continues its honest exploration of faith, hope, and love. In between, Delirious range from Pink Floyd-like rock ("Fire") to art rock ("Rollercoaster") to pure melodious pop ("Take Me Away").

Producer Chuck Zwicky promotes an almost live feel, keying off the band's energy while casing it in an organic wrapper. When you're truly one of a kind, the artistic danger is always self-plagiarism. While Delirious dance close around the edges of this chasm, they never quite fall in, leaving you with that familiar, gnawing feeling that you've heard it before--somewhere. Perhaps that is the brilliance that defines the band and keeps these UK lads churning out music of majesty.

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