Waiting For The Summer (HMV)
Last modified: 01 Jun 2001

Source: HMV
Author: Unknown
Date: 01 Jun 2001

The ever-popular Christian rockers return with a brand new single that could well see them having their biggest hit yet. They make their own brand of uplifting rock sound so effortless and 'Waiting For The Summer' finds the five-piece in wondrous form as they breeze through a catchy, hook laden workout that should find the lads expanding on their already considerable fanbase. They are all set to tour with Bon Jovi and Matchbox 20 when they hit the UK soon, could this be Delirious' year? It may well be. 'Waiting For The Summer' is available on two CDs; CD one includes a bonus track and a garage mix while CD two includes mixes and the video.

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