Waiting For The Summer (DotMusic)
Last modified: 10 Jun 2001

Source: DotMusic
Author: James Masterton
Date: 10 Jun 2001

I've said it so many times it almost sounds repetitive but Delirious? remain the most delightful enigma the charts have to offer. Search in vain for their mainstream promotional appearances, their presence on radio playlists and indeed even high profile reviews of their singles. The Christian band (although this point is rarely hammered home in their music) seem to emerge almost from nowhere every few years with a new album and a string of mid-table hits that are snapped up by those in the know. Hence this single here, believe it or not their sixth Top 40 hit. Several times they have looked to be on the verge of a breakthrough, their 1999 hit See The Star making Number 16 and their last release It's OK hitting Number 18 in March last yearl. This time around they slip back slightly, Waiting For The Summer ending up as their smallest hit since their debut White Ribbon Day only reached Number 41 in March 1997.

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