Mezzamorphis (
Last modified: 01 Jun 1999

Author: Michael Lyttle
Date: Jun 1999

One of Christian music's most intriguing acts, U.K. rockers Delirious clearly transcend the feel-good, praise-and-worship motif of King of Fools and Cutting Edge with their new release, Mezzamorphis. While the catchy choruses are still there, Delirious now rocks with the edginess of buzz-saw guitars and outer-space-sounding programming. Two years in the making, Mezzamorphis, unlike the band's first two releases, sounds like a true studio album. The first two tracks, "The Mezzanine Floor" and "Heaven," are fine examples of the meticulous work done by the band; smooth choruses set dissonant tones against the hard-rock beginnings for each song. And of course, the magical "Beautiful Sun," with singer Martin Smith doing his best Bono-like falsetto, shows the band can still write wonderful ballads. "Love Falls Down" is another treat with its Mersey-beat melodies. Delirious fans will enjoy the new direction, while others should take note with this fascinating offering. This is the kind of music that can move beyond any genre--it's just good rock & roll.

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