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Last modified: 09 Jun 1999

Author: Robin Parrish
Date: 09 Jun 1999

One of this year's most highly anticipated albums, Mezzamorphis is set to explode onto Christian Music in a big way. The legions of Delirious? fans have been waiting for this one for over two years. I have to be honest with you: the first time I popped this one in the stereo, it really didn't do anything for me. (I think I was expecting King of Fools, Part 2, and King this definitely is not.) But a weird thing happened the second time I played it. It was like suddenly, all at once, I just got it. I instantly connected with what Delirious? was trying to do with this album, and began to appreciate how well the album works, how finely crafted it is, and all the different elements that went into creating this unique work. It just clicked for me.

A lot of time and attention and care went into this finely-tuned CD, with the band's trademark melodies still taking the lead, but the production side of things is far more complex and expressive this time out. Often the background music, instead of being a nonstop, never-changing loop of rhythm, changes and grows and fades based on the mood and/or subject matter of the lyrics. It's like the lyrics and music are married together perfectly to allow the band to completely express themselves and what they want to say. This is made all the more impressive when one realizes that the band produced this album entirely by themselves (without the help of a professional producer). The title Mezzamorphis is a melding of the titles of two songs on the album, and rolls off the tongue in a weird sort of way. There are some really great songs on this one too, including "Bliss," "See the Star," "Gravity," and many more. I don't think I've ever heard a rock album that's quite this "atmospheric." By that I mean the songs are very moody, contemplative, and condusive to meditation and the like. And yet, it still rocks. Definitely one of the most intriguing albums of the year.

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