A View From The Terraces Video (Soul Survivor Magazine)
Last modified: 01 Jun 1998

Source: Soul Survivor Magazine
Author: unknown
Date: Jun 1998

Furious? have worked hard producing this video, as it's taken them a whole year to gather footage from a variety of gigs, foreign trips and promotional duties. What you get at the end of it all is a taste of life in Delirious?-land: not only do you see what goes on behind the scenes (hairdressing, mainly), but you also get pleanty of live footage, showcasing the band at their very best with tracks like Sanctify, Come Like You Promise, August 30th and King Of Fools.
As well as including the promotional videos for the singles Deeper and Promise, the vid also devotes pleanty of time to the boy's own views on where they're at right now, what they're hoping for in the future.
Key words to sum up are as follows: entertaining, inspiring and honest. Just watch out for the Belgian fan.

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