Take Me Away (Christian Herald)
Last modified: 14 Jul 2001

Source: Christian Herald
Author: Russ Bravo
Date: 14 Jul 2001

YOU might think Audio Lessonover? sounds like an up and coming Russian tennis player, but it's actually the title for the forthcoming Delirious? album.

And the D:boys from Sussex have culled another song from it as their latest single and follow-up to their recent fleeting chart hit Waiting for the Summer.

It's certainly got a hook that will have radio listeners nodding in time -- provided the lads can garner the vitally needed airplay. Take Me Away tiptoes in with some Bontempi beats and a naggingly catchy organ riff before the familiar guitar and drums sound kicks in.

"The shoop-doop backing vocals hold hands with the 747 landing on the final chorus, both complemented effortlessly by the delicate flavouring of mid-80s Norwegian pop and 21st century urban punk" says the press release, and I'm not going to argue.

Ace producer Chuck Zwicky has certainly tied all the ingredients away in a powerful package with a strong live feel, even if Stew's drums dominate almost too much at times with bash and crash the name of the day.

It's a strong contender for follow-up success to the band's recent support slot on the Bon Jovi tour, which saw them playing to more than 250,000 all over the UK.

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