World Service (
Last modified: 01 Dec 2004

Author: Michael Lyttle
Date: Dec 2004

Delirious' studio releases are getting to be like Star Trek movies: every other release is the good one. While Mezzamorphis and Touch had their bright moments, it was the subsequent releases of Glo and World Service that truly testify to the musical and songwriting brilliance of these faith-based Brit rockers. Lead man Martin Smith, well known within Christian music circles for his songwriting prowess (such as "I Can Sing of Your Love Forever"), combines with guitarist Stu Garrard for 12 tracks filled with melody, catchy hooks, and enough crunch to satisfy anyone's cutting-edge tastes. The irresistible chorus lines in "Rain Down," "Majesty," and "Everyone Knows" show that the Smith-Garrard tandem knows a good pop song. But the more subtle and substantial element in World Service is the clear comfort the band has with each other. Drummer Stew Smith and bassist Jon Thatcher lay down rock-steady rhythms throughout while keyboardist Tim Jupp adds just enough spice to make it interesting. "Inside Outside" is a great example of this with plenty of space between each musician's moments. Delirious is clearly more confident and mature in their craft. Music fans in the Christian world and beyond will be all the better for it.

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