A New Year's Message
Last modified: 07 Jan 2000

Artist: Delirious?
Label: Furious? Records
Date: 07 Jan 2000

Just how many reasons do we need to be cheerful? Not only are we here, grinning at the start of a shiny new millennium, but the first Delirious? single in almost a year is about to infect the charts - and it's a beauty.

Taken from Mezzamorphis, their best-yet album, the chosen one is the classic 'ITS OK' and it's out on February 21st.

Already the d:buzz is fizzing nicely and those in the know are tipping it to be massive. This is Delirious? time and everything's in place; the tunes and the vibe, the history and the future promise. Get ready for a wild one; 2000's going to be the ride of a lifetime and the boys have plenty of treats in store.

As for now though, just savour the moment. Perhaps you might like to do a bit of waving of the d:flag, passing the vibe on and getting the single knowledge up. There are also a few freebies coming your way: in the week of release the band will be playing, meeting and greeting at a handful of record stores around the country - check the other side of this for details. Make sure you're there to collect the memories.

For other info you can wise up via the Delirious? Hotline 0900 800 1000 or here at the d:vine.

You know what?
This is going to be fun.

ITS OK Track Listing

ITS OK (including Full length video CD ROM)
Pursuit Of Happiness
Come Like You Promise

Jesus Blood
Pursuit Of Happiness (including Full length video CD ROM)

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