I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever (#2)
Last modified: 01 Oct 2001

Artist: Delirious?
Label: Furious Records
Date: Oct 2001

And The Singing Goes On... (Part2)

Surprise and intrigue are nothing that unusual in the Delirious? camp - after all, this particular bunch of five Christians have been doing the business at the shiny end of the charts for over five years - but things have been getting just that little bit more fascinating of late. OK, so there have been the usual 'oohs' and 'aahs' over recent releases, with fans praising the summer's album 'Audio Lessonover?' as the band's most adventurous yet, but news is on the way out of a forthcoming release that might just get tongues wagging even more. On December 10th Furious? Records will be releasing into the mainstream charts a song that a few of you might well have heard of before: I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever.

Re-recorded to be the cornerstone of a forthcoming Best Of.. compilation 'Deeper', the song has taken on a whole new lease of life. 'It was amazing' says Stu G, 'to end up with a song that is so familiar but recorded in a way that sounds so fresh.'

The magic ingredient seems to be a healthy dose of Gospel Choir. Adding tonnes of soul to the closing sections of the song, their vocals perfectly compliment the more brooding beginning created by the band. When all's done I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever has ended up as genuine, as uplifting and as relevant a song as Delirious have ever recorded.

But beyond the thrills and the shivers set off by the track itself, there remains a bigger question: why? Why would a band churning out left of centre rock material suddenly delve back into their stock room and emerge with a standard that has become part of the furniture in churches around the world? Why would a band who - and let's be honest here - have had people asking questions about whether they are still 'worshippers' release a song so blatantly Christian as this? For Martin Smith, the answer is simple:

'We re-recorded it in the summer, then Sept 11th changed the world. We realised there could be a bigger purpose to the song than just making a creative statement as a band. So humbly, we offer it as a sign of hope that there is a healer who can set us free.'

Initially recorded in 1994 and released on the very first Cutting Edge tape, the song has always been a favourite among fans and band members alike. But like many of the six tracks on that first release, the recording shows an early version of Delirious?. Yet despite the fact that the early version contains little of what we now know to be the band's trademark anthemic surges and epic guitars, it is clearly Delirious?. Honest, passionate and intimate, I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever might well be just what we all need right now.

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