Now Is The Time: Live At Willow Creek Releases Today
Last modified: 17 Oct 2006

Artist: Delirious?
Label: Sparrow Records
Date: 17 Oct 2006

5-Star Rated 'Now Is the Time: Live at Willow Creek'
Full Length DVD Plus Audio CD Releases Today

Carrying on its tradition of globally relevant music, Delirious? returns today with the DVD-CD combo release, Delirious? Now Is the Time: Live at Willow Creek, on Sparrow Records. Known for its compelling live performance, Delirious? recorded the project in front of 5,000 fans this summer at the Chicago-area's Willow Creek Community Church, the second largest church in America.

The project captures the Delirious? live experience and features stunning songs, great visuals and a superb, very personal 30-minute documentary on the Delirious? story. The songs featured have influenced worship around the world, but it is when people see Delirious? live that the full impact of what they carry really hits home.

"It looks and sounds comparable in quality to productions by U2 and Coldplay, and the accompanying CD captures most of the excellence," says Christian Music Today ( in a 5-star review of Delirious? Now Is the Time: Live at Willow Creek. "Moreover, the behind-the-scenes featurette is actually interesting to watch, and a fascinating 30-minute documentary delightfully demystifies the band's celebrity by sharing their history, home life, and personal photos. You truly get to know Delirious and their mission better with this project...everything's done right here."

Delirious? recently returned from playing for tens-of-thousands of new fans all over South America. "Tonight we played our first ever gig in Brazil and it was awesome," writes Delirious? frontman Martin Smith Sept. 18 from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on the band's website. "I could hardly hear myself sing over the multitudes of people chanting every song as though it was the last day before we go to heaven! We have never heard such volume and rarely seen so much passion in a crowd - it can only be explained as awesome."

Three days later, Delirious? guitarist Stu Garrard adds, "This has got to be one of the best tours we've ever done. South America has welcomed us with open arms and tonight we played in Goias [Brazil]. The thing that's amazed us is that although we've never been here before, loads of passionate, vibrant, colorful Brazilians are showing up. We've been blown away by the singing, which is at times louder than the PA. We are humbled and can't wait to come back one day. Martin is doing a fine job with a few Portuguese lines connecting well with the crowds."

The band continues to tour the globe, and is currently on a 25-city European tour covering the UK and eight additional countries before the end of November. Tim Hughes, writer of the No. 1 CCLI song, "Here I Am To Worship," joins Delirious? for the UK dates.

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