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 Press Releases & Mailings
Fuse Box: Essential Power Outlets
Last modified: 04 Oct 2007

Artist: Delirious?
Label: Furious? Records
Date: 04 Oct 2007

Title: Fuse Box
Album: Cutting Edge 1&2 & Cutting Edge 3&4 (FURYCD12)
Album: King of Fools & Live & In The Can (FURYCD10)
Album: Glo & Mezzamorphis (FURYCD11)
Album: Shine Jesus Shine & Is Anyone Thirsty (MWD16)
Artist: Delirious?, Graham Kendrick
Release: October 2007
Price: £13

Fierce! and Furious? are pleased to announce the release of a very select bunch of albums; eight classics of the last twenty years that have done more than their fair share of defining and accelerating the growth of contemporary worship around the world. And by pairing them up, it's clear not only that these Fuse Box releases are a complete bargain - just £13 for each double album - but that they also tell the story of a generation march to the beat of a different drum.

Whether it's the sheer potency of Glo and Mezzamorphis, the progression of Live and In The Can and king of Fools, the early roots and culture of the four Cutting Edge EPs, the Delirious? back catalogue has plenty of power to satisfy, inspire and take you back on a trip down memory lane.

The fourth pairing in the Fuse Box series looks beyond the Delirious? archives, turning to one of the most prolific hymn writers of the twentieth century. Graham Kendrick's tally of 40 albums makes the task of fuseboxing a little complicated, yet in Shine Jesus Shine and Is Anyone Thirsty can be found the essential elements that have made Graham such a cherished songwriter: there are marches and anthems and intimate classics.

As with the other kind of fusebox, you need to handle these puppies with care - there's still a risk of sparks flying as the power surges through.

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