Short European Festival Tour For Delirious?
Last modified: 24 May 2006

Short European Festival Tour For Delirious? Delirious? embark on a five date European Tour today as they continue to promote their latest album, The Mission Bell. The band fly to Croatia today (24th May) to perform at the Kristfest in Osijeck. They then travel to Germany to appear at two festivals, Himmelfahrt-Festival in Burgfriedenhalle (25th) and Maiday Festival in Minden (26th).

Delirious? then cross the German border south into Switzerland to perform at 'The Big 10' (27th) in the countrys largest city, Zurich. The following day the band return home to the UK to perform at Firm Foundations in Hemel Hempstead (28th). Firm Foundations is the Boys Brigade's annual conference and also features Onehundredhours, Andy Hunter and Cathy Burton.

Delirious? will then be performing at Scotland's 'Frenzy Festival', which returns for its second year on 10th June at Edinburgh's Highland Hall. Also appearing this year are Starfield, Kendall Payne, David Crowder Band, Tim Hughes and Tree63. By the end of May Delirious? will already have performed in 12 different countries this year, with concerts in Ukraine, Latvia and The Czech Republic confirmed for July. A South American Tour set to be announced later in the year, visiting Argentina, Brazil and Colombia, will bring the total to 18 different countries. Another European Tour is planned for the Autumn.

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