More TV Publicity For The 'Summer'
Last modified: 24 May 2001

Delirious? are making several TV appearances to promote their new single 'Waiting For The Summer' due for release on June 4th. They were interviewed briefly on BBC1's CBBC on 23rd May and sung a few lines of the song acoustically. They will be performing the single live on BBC1's Live & Kicking on 26th May and taking part in several of the show's games. The video will be shown and Delirious? will be interviewed on STV (available in Scotland) on 25th May, and they will feature in vox pops as part of Channel 5's Pepsi Chart Show on June 7th. These appearances follow on from the live linkup on T4 (14th May) and Live & Kicking playing the video on 12th May as Delirious? attempt to gain as much publicity as possible in the run up to the release of their latest single.

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