Documentary Footage Used For 'I Could Sing' Video
Last modified: 07 Nov 2001

The video for the forthcoming Delirious? single 'I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever' (released in the UK on December 10th) will be a montage of clips shot of the band over the past 12 months. Delirious? had originally planned to shoot a video for the single with Andy Hutch, who filmed their recent videos 'Take Me Away' and 'Waiting For The Summer'. However with the band shortly starting their 5 week UK tour, schedules for shooting a video were too tight.

Instead the video has been compiled by the team who for the past year have been filming footage of Delirious? for a possible documentary sometime in the future. Included will be clips of the band behind the scenes, in the studio and on tour in America and with Bon Jovi. The video will also be included on one of the 2 versions of the CD single which will be released. You can also now listen to the single on

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