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'Take Me Away' To Be Released On MP3 Not CD
Last modified: 19 Jul 2001

Delirious? have confirmed that the single 'Take Me Away' will NOT be released on CD as previously expected, but will be available as a FREE mp3 download from their website on July 23rd. In a message to their fans, Delirious? explained their reasons for this suprise move.

"The plan on our new record 'Audio Lessonover?' was to release two singles. 'Waiting For The Summer' went in at no.26.. the next move was to release 'Take Me Away'. But things haven't gone to plan which has caused us to re-think the plot. The radio door has been firmly shut again and as this seems to be the only vehicle at getting the music out to people, is quite frustrating for us when it's not happening. We didn't want everyone going through the anti-climax again of it charting in the 20's and then dropping out. On this occasion we're just going to do our own thing and make 'Take Me Away' exclusively available as a FREE MP3 download from our website. This means it won't be available from the shops, which also means it won't have a charting this time but as a gesture from us to you, we want you to have the song anyway!".

The remix of 'Bliss' which had been planned as a b-side for the single will also be available to download. So, instead of visiting your local HMV or Virgin store, visit on July 23rd to download 'Take Me Away' FREE!

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