Delirious? Discuss Inspiration Behind Their Forthcoming Album
Last modified: 11 Sep 2007

Delirious? Discuss Inspiration Behind Their Forthcoming Album Delirious? have already spent much of 2007 working on a new studio album, and with work set to continue in between touring commitments for the rest of this year, the album is now expected to be released in April 2008. However the band have been dropping a few hints about the album. New songs 'We Give You Praise', 'God Is Smiling' and 'Praise' have all been given an airing at recent concerts.

In a video interview for 'M-Audio', suppliers of most of the band's recording equipment, Stu G described the inspiration behind the song writing for their new album. "It's going to be quite a raw album. Some of the things we've been experiencing around the world have touched a nerve with us. We've travelled an awful lot to loads of different countries We get the privelledge to go to places like India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Africa, Rwanda. Some of the things we're seeing in the third world have really inspired us as human beings and we're wanting to get a bit of that into our songs this time."

During the interview, recorded in the USA in March this year, Stu also explained how the things they've witnessed around the world have moved them. "We really can be a generation that sees the end to some things like malaria and we can put a severe dent in AIDs and HIV. When you see kids that are orphaned it changes you and you can't look at the world again the same. So we're trying to bring some of those influences and experiences into our Western minds and songwriting, and just lay it out there and say 'we can make a difference'."

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