The archives
Last modified: 02 Nov 2005 has been running since early 1997 and over the years I've built up quite a large collection of news in the ever expanding news section of the site. In that time the site has been through a couple of design changes and unfortunately in the process some of the earliest d: news got lost along the way. It wasn't until 2000 that I actually started keeping old Delirious? news in an archive. Up until then, when 'new news' came along, it replaced the 'old news'. But now, with the help of the excellent Internet Archive website I have been able to restore the news that appeared on my website back in the late 90's that had previously been lost from my site as it is today.

So, now Delirious? fans can take a trip down memory lane and browse the news stories that I was reporting about Delirious? on my website in 1997, 1998 and 1999. These news archives are now fully incorporated into bringing together nearly 9 years worth of news about the band.

There are some fascinating stories from those early years that may have been forgotten by many people. Read about how 'Deeper' Stayed In The Charts For 3 Weeks Running, leading to Radio 1 describing them as "the best kept secret in pop". Then there was the time that Delirious? played at the Radio 1 Roadshow and first Promise got playlisted on Radio 1 and then DeEPer got playlisted too! Then there was the time Delirious? Turned Down The Chance To Tour With DC Talk in America in '98 and the following year announced that an unheard-of band from California called Switchfoot Would Be Supporting Delirious? On The UK Mezzamorphis Tour.

In those early years of running this website, the news items were often quite short and few and far between as there was little or no web presence or e-mails from the band, and communication mostly came in the form of snail-mail fan newsletters called SmallTalk. But it's an interesting read and I hope you'll enjoy the Delirious? history documented in the archives.