Last modified: 12 May 2010

I feel lonely when it's you I miss
I feel crazy when I dream like this
I've travelled all this way for just one kiss
Is it bliss? Is it bliss? Yes it is
Rock 'n roll is everything
Everything to a lonely man
And never will I bow to you

I, I'm not backing down
I, I'm not backing down

Take me to the place where eagles fly
Where my love for you I never can deny
If I'm right then you are wrong
If I'm wrong then I really lived
And if I die with no reward
Then I know I had peace cos I carried the sword

I, I'm not backing down
I, I'm not backing down

It's the simple thing that satisfy
Keep my feet on the ground and my head in the sky
I love you more than I can say
And I won't change my mind on the choices I made

Written by Martin Smith/Stuart Garrard ©1999 Curious? Music UK

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