'Touch Sensitive' Cover Planned For US Album
Last modified: 24 Oct 2002

'Touch Sensitive' Cover Planned For US Album It has been revealed that the US Delirious? album 'Touch', to be released in North America on 19th November 2002, is to come complete with some very special packaging. The double-CD album contains one disc based on the UK 'Audio Lessonover?' album, and a special bonus disc with six live songs and three CD-Rom videos. To make the album even more impressive, it will also have a touch sensitive cover.

The CDs will be inside a special slip case made from a heat sensitive material. When you press your hand on the back cover, the heat from your palm makes the track listing disappear and the full image of Delirious? walking along a beach appear (see above right).

'Touch' will be the first Delirious? album released in America on the band's own Furious? Records label. The previous deal with Sparrow Records has now come to an end since Furious set up their own office in Nashville, Tennessee, to handle the US releases by their artists.

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