'Touch' Released In The US After Year Long Wait
Last modified: 19 Nov 2002

'Touch' Released In The US After Year Long Wait The long wait is finally over for Delirious? fans in North America. 'Touch', the band's fifth studio album, is released in the US today, 19th November. Produced by Chuck Zwicky, 'Touch' is the American equivalent of the 'Audio Lessonover?' album, released in the UK over fifteen months ago in August 2001. This is also the first album released by Furious Records Inc, the American branch of the band's own record label.

In order to make the album more suitable for the American market, the track listing for 'Touch' has been altered since it's UK debut. Several songs have been missed off and in their place title track Touch has been added. There are also new versions of Love Is The Compass and Waiting For The Summer.

A special bonus disc is also included with the album, containing six live songs, including Deeper and My Glorious, plus three videos: Take Me Away, I Could Sing, and Sanctify. Furious? marketing director Don Heap says "Essentially, Delirious? fans are receiving two complete projects for the price of one." The album also features a unique touch-sensitive slipcase, made with thermo-chromic ink.

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