Rave Reviews For 'Touch' From The American Media
Last modified: 20 Nov 2002

Rave Reviews For 'Touch' From The American Media Less than twenty-four hours after the US release of the fifth studio album from Delirious?, 'Touch' has been receiving rave reviews from the American media. The biggest Christian music magazine in the US, CCM Magazine describes 'Touch' as "a Delirious mix of sound and lyrics well worth lending an ear." Their critic concluded "Delirious has a sound that's original in the Christian market."

CBA, the international trade association of Christian product suppliers and retailers, commented that: "Touch may be their best album since King of Fools. The music is varied; beautifully executed, and stunningly original; after repeated listening, it still surprises me"

Respected online retailer gave Touch a glowing review depicting it as "a release of admirable depth and heart-felt passion. The band continues its honest exploration of faith, hope, and love. Producer Chuck Zwicky promotes an almost live feel to Touch, keying off the band's well-known energy while casing it in an unique organic wrapper" 'Touch' was released in the USA by Furious? Records on 19th November.

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