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Delirious? In Tennessee And New Recording
Last modified: 23 Feb 1998

The New Christian Herald reports: "Delirious? returned tired but happy from their recent visit to Nashville, Tennessee. The week was spent preparing for this month's release of the Cutting Edge back catalogue, as well as getting ready for the forthcoming release of the latest party piece - the album King of Fools. The boys played a showcase for the EMI Christian Music staff and were even suprised themselves at the reaction. Once off the plane the band were back in the studio to polish off the tracks Revival Town and Louder Than The Radio benefiting from a '98 reworking... unfortunately the chances of them being released over here [in the UK] are a little slim."

The band have also been on a "mammoth two-day photo shoot for the American labels. Also Tony Patoto - manager and his wife Terri were welcoming their latest addition 7.5lb Michael Anthony" Congratulations Tony!

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