New Album Mezzamorphis Receiving Finishing Touches
Last modified: 01 Dec 1998

The next single from Delirious? is now expected to be released in February in the UK. The new album Mezzamorphis is receiving its finishing touches. No release date has been confirmed for the album, but it's UK release is expected to be in April '99. Martin Smith says "The new album is very different. It'll make sense when you hear it" Furious describe the new material as "bolder, stronger and more intriguing than any before. It's also pretty darn good."

It is now known what 9 of the tracks from the next Delirious? album Mezzamorphis will be. They are; See The Star, Heaven, Bliss, It's OK, Pale Reflection, Beautiful Sun, Isn't He Beautiful?, Love Come Down and Mezzanine Floor.

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