King Of Fools US Success/DC Talk Tour Turned Down
Last modified: 01 Oct 1998

Thanks to Sparrow Records, 'King Of Fools' has made a serious impression on the US charts. Delirious have also played to over 175,000 people during this summer. The band were offered a 70 date American support slot on the DC Talk tour, but turned down the opportunity to play to over 500,000 new fans.

Martin Smith said: "They asked us to tour with them. But it would have meant us relocating out there for four months. We felt that wasn't our priority. Our priority was to stay in England and keep playing to our people here. Also, we really want to keep our foot on the gas to break in the mainstream. Although the DC Talk tour of the US would have been an incredible opportunity and we would have sold lots of records, it didn't really fit in with our vision at the present time."

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