New Live Album Out Now
Last modified: 31 Mar 1998

The following is a Press Release from Furious Records:

The last five months have seen Littlehampton powerpoppers Delirious? preparing for the next stage of their journey; one they hope will take them further, deeper and higher than ever before. Because it's all about relationship, the plot starts with a little something for the fans. In fact, it's a little something by the fans, who conspired to make D:tour Live 1997 one of the most potent live recordings available today. Recorded at the Southampton Guildhall on the last night of November's sell-out d:tour, the album builds from the steady base of the classics Sanctify and Come Like You Promise, through the burning intensity of Summer Of Love and Obsession, and onto the frenzied excitement of History Maker and Deeper.

D:tour Live 1997 comes from good stock: it's predecessor - 1996's Live & In The Can - sold faster than any imagined, reaching the 30k mark without pausing for breath. If that recording was marked by freedom and spontaneity, the latest kid on the block spews passion and vigour like a particularly tetchy volcano. From the 2000 fans attending the night in question came sweat, singing and a marriage proposal - one bit that IS missing from the album. Still, you can't have everything in life. D:tour Live 1997 is available from all good Christian bookshops, or from Furious? Records direct (tel 01903 733031 - fax 01903 732997). CDs are priced at £9 and cassettes at £6.

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