German Radio's SWR3 Invite Delirious? To Their 'New Pop Festival'
Last modified: 13 Jul 2004

German Radio's SWR3 Invite Delirious? To Their 'New Pop Festival' Delirious' German record label, J-Star, have announced that the band will be performing at this year's "SWR3 New Pop Festival" in Germany on 18th September. SWR3 is one of the largest radio stations in Germany and has been an enthusiastic supporter of Delirious? since they released their first single, 'Inside Outside' in the country back in March.

'Inside Outside' was regularly played on SWR3 after it reached number 1 in the station's charts. That led to Delirious? performing at the "SWR Arena In The Park" festival on 12th June where more than 40,000 people gathered to see them. With rumours circling that 'Every Little Thing' might be released as a second single in Germany in the future, Delirious? have now been asked to perform at the next SWR festival.

The "SWR3 New Pop Festival" takes place from 16th to 18th September 2004 in Baden-Baden, which is in southern Germany near the border with France. Last year, Delirious' good friend Daniel Bedingfield appeared at the event. This year, the opening day of the festival includes big name artists such as Katie Melua and Jamelia. Delirious? will be performing in one of the main slots on the closing Saturday night. The following day (19th September) Delirious? will travel to neighbouring Switzerland to perform at an event in Zurich.

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