Delirious? Confirm 18-Date US Spring Tour In April
Last modified: 05 Feb 2004

Delirious? Confirm 18-Date US Spring Tour In April Delirious? have now confirmed an 18-date US Spring Tour this April. The tour will include appearances at five different 'Acquire The Fire' events, plus performances at a variety of different venues. The tour will last from the 2nd to 24th April, with many of the concerts being at churches spread across the country.

Over a period of 23 days, Delirious? will visit 18 different cities and will even be accompanied by their families for some of the tour. The band will visit the West coast for a concert at Portland in Oregon and the East coast at Baltimore in Maryland. They will perform as far South as the state of Texas (San Antonio, Woodlands, Midland and Fort Worth) and in the North they will visit Lansing in Michigan.

Around 30 concerts in the USA have now been confirmed for Delirious? this year. Further visits are planned for June and July where the band will perform at some of the US summer festivals including Creation East and Creation West, with more expected to be confirmed soon. During May Delirious? will be performing several concerts in Europe and appearances at the UK summer festivals are also planned. Delirious? have also promised their British fans that a major UK Tour is planned for October.

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