Summer Of Festivals Beckon As Majesty Hits US Radio
Last modified: 01 Jun 2004

Summer Of Festivals Beckon As Majesty Hits US Radio Delirious? are preparing for a summer full of festival appearances. They start next week with a performance at the 'Arena of Sound' event in Stuttgart, Germany, alongside mainstream artists including former Boyzone star Ronan Keating. The band will then be performing at some of the major US Summer Festivals over the next two months.

After spending a few days in Mexico with Teen Mania's "Global Expedition", Delirious? will then continue with apperances at Kings Fest (25th June) and Creation East (26th June). They then return home to the UK for two weeks to perform at several UK festivals, including Grassrootz (10th July), before flying back to the US for yet more festivals. These include Spirit West Coast (24th July), Creation West (24th July) and FishFest (25th July).

Meanwhile, 'Majesty' has just been released as the second radio single from 'World Service' in the USA. Last month 'Rain Down', the first US radio single from the album, hit the top of the Radio & Records Contemporary Hit Christian chart. Now 'Majesty', which gained worldwide acclaim after being released as a free MP3 download from the band's website in December 2003, is set to take US Christian Radio by storm.

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