Expedition To Mexico As Delirious? Kick-Off The Summer
Last modified: 23 Jun 2004

Expedition To Mexico As Delirious? Kick-Off The Summer Delirious? fly out to Mexico today (23rd June) to take part in the "Global Expedition" mission. The band will visit Juarez, Mexico's fourth largest city, to join the mission which is run by Teen Mania, the US organisation also responsible for the 'Acquire The Fire' events across America.

During their time in Juarez Delirious? will team up with the group of teenagers Teen Mania have taken on the "Global Expedition" mission to Mexico, to help minister to local people. Tomorrow (24th June) the band will also perform a small concert at the event. Delirious? will then fly on from Mexico to the USA where they will start their summer full of festival concerts.

They will make back-to-back appearances at the 'Kings Fest' in Virgina (25th June) and 'Creation East Festival' in Pennsylvania (26th June), before returning to Europe to perform in Sweden at the 'Gullbranna Festival' (1st July) and in Norway at the 'Seaside Festival' (2nd July). Next they will traval to Ireland for 'Summer Madness' (3rd July) and back to the UK for the 'Grassrootz Festival' (10th July). Their travels then resume in America on 15th July at the world renowned Saddleback Church in California.

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