Terrible Accident Occurs At Grapevine Festival
Last modified: 30 Aug 2004

A terrible accident occured at the UK's Grapevine Festival in Lincolnshire last night (29th August) as a section of grandstand seating collapsed during Delirious' performance at the festival. Four people were taken to hospital with serious injuries and a dozen others suffered minor injuries when the section of seating in the nearly-full 5000 capacity marquee gave way.

Miraculously police confirmed that "there is nobody with life-threatening injuries as far as we can tell". The incident was reported by the BBC, who quoted an eyewitness as saying: "We were waving our arms and jumping around to a Christian rock group called Delirious, then you could feel the seats vibrating. All of a sudden the seats vanished. After it happened people were very calm and left in an orderly way".

Grapevine spokesman Brian Keel said: "We don't know what caused it to collapse, it just gave way". Inspector Dick Holmes of Lincolnshire Police praised the organisers for the way the event was handled: "All credit to the organisers who had a contingency plan for something like this. There was no panic, and it looks like it could have been a lot worse". offers it's thoughts and prayers to those injuired in this terrible accident, and to Delirious? who must have been extremely shocked and saddened by the events.

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