Delirious? To Take Part In "Global Expedition" In Mexico
Last modified: 06 May 2004

Delirious? To Take Part In "Global Expedition" In Mexico Delirious? have announced that they will be travelling to Mexico for the first time this summer, when they team up with American organisation Teen Mania's "Global Expedition" mission. The band will visit Juarez, Mexico's fourth largest city, in June, to help minister to local people.

Global Expeditions is a part of the Teen Mania and Acquire The Fire family, and specialises in equiping teens to take the message of Jesus to people in other countries. Juarez is considered a very poor city, with many people not having access to adequate housing and forced to find shelter in cardboard boxes.

Teen Mania says that the trip will "focus on ministering to the lost in the poorest neighborhoods, parks, schools, and city markets. The Gospel will be presented though dramatic presentations as well as personal evangelism".

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