Delirious? Talk About Their Latest US Album 'Touch'
Last modified: 21 Nov 2002

Delirious? Talk About Their Latest US Album 'Touch' In an exclusive interview with, band members Tim Jupp and Jon Thatcher have spoken about the release of their new US album 'Touch'. Describing why the album is being released on the band's own record label, Tim says "By having our own label we have full control over what marketing tools and budgets we use to promote the album, and also are able to creatively decide how all our packaging and promotional material should look."

They also revealed that title track 'Touch' has already become the first US radio single from the album. "Touch is currently at number 30 in the Christian Hit Radio Charts" explained Jon. Tim adds "we are currently exploring and discussing possible releases to the mainstream market".

When asked about promoting 'Touch' in America, Tim revealed that the band are planning a big North American tour for next year: "We will be touring the US starting in March 2003, and are currently working on putting about 30 dates together during March, April and May" he said.

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