Furious? Records Expand To North America
Last modified: 28 Aug 2002

Furious? Records Expand To North America Furious? Records, the record company set up by Delirious? to manage their own music, are set to expand into the American market. A branch of Furious? has been set up in the USA based in Nashville, Tennessee. The label will own the rights to the entire Delirious? backcatalogue and will release future albums by the band and other Furious? artists.

A five year worldwide distribution deal has been agreed with record giants EMI, effective from 1st October 2002. Furious? USA will be a partner of Chordant Distribution, the world's largest Christian record distributor and a division of EMI CMG, but will remain independent. This new arrangement for Delirious? in America will see an end to their current partnership with US label Sparrow Records, who are also owned by EMI. Sparrow signed Delirious? back in 1998 and have successfully marketed six Delirious? albums in North America in the past four years, helping them to sales of more than one million albums in the USA alone.

Furious? USA will be headed by industry veteran Hugh Robertson, who during a 17 year career in the music industry has previously been manager of Squint Entertainment, Senior Vice President of marketing for Sparrow, and Vice President of sales for Chordant. In a press release Robertson said "The time was right to expand its presence into the largest Christian-music consumer market in the world." Furious? CEO Tony Potato added "We have always dreamed big and now the time has come for us to walk with them, wholly independent, with the clout of a major."

To launch the new label, Furious? USA will release 3 albums on 19th November 2002: Delirious' fifth US studio album 'Touch', All Star United's first project in almost four years 'Revolution', and Graham Kendrick's latest album 'What Grace'.

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