Release Of Spanish Album 'Libertad' Delayed
Last modified: 28 Oct 2002

Release Of Spanish Album 'Libertad' Delayed The UK and International release of 'Libertad', the first ever Spanish Delirious? album, has been delayed. The album had been planned for release on 26th October 2002, but due to a printing problem the release date has been postponed until Saturday 16th November 2002. It is expected that the North American release date will remain as 8th April 2003, as previously planned.

This delay now means that a total of three different Delirious? albums will be released around the world during November 2002. The brand new live album 'Access:d' is planned for release in the UK on 30th November, while the US album 'Touch' is scheduled for 19th November. 'Libertad', which will now be released internationally on 16th November, is being held back until April 2003 in the USA and Canada to allow more time for Delirious? to promote 'Touch' in North America.

November 2002 - Delirious? Release Schedule:
16th - 'Libertad' released Internationally (Not in USA/Canada)
19th - 'Touch' released in USA & Canada
30th - 'Access:d' released in the UK

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