My Music: Delirious? (BBC News Online)
Last modified: 01 Jun 2001

Source: BBC News Online
Author: Unknown
Date: 01 Jun 2001

British rock band Delirious are back in the spotlight this month. The quintet release a new single Waiting For The Summer on 4 June, and embark on a UK stadium tour in support of US giants Bon Jovi.

A new album from the band, who have been together since the early 90s, is also in the pipeline.

Here singer Martin and keyboard player Tim pick out some records to remember - and one to forget.

What was the first record you bought?

Martin: An Abba record. I was about eight and my brother was into them.

Tim: This is embarrassing - something by The Wombles.

What is your favourite song ever?

Martin: One by U2. Everything is there - great lyrics, melody and vibe. It definitely has that X-factor.

Tim: U2's Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For. I love the atmosphere.

What is you least favourite song ever?

Tim: Anything by The Wombles!

What was the most recent album you heard that you liked?

Martin: Parachutes by Coldplay. I remember hearing it before it came out and thinking it was something special.

Tim: I bought the last Manics album. It's good to check out what other bands are doing. I'm not sure about the album as a whole but it's interesting.

Where do you like listening to music?

Martin: On my personal stereo when I'm jogging. It's the only time I get space to concentrate. When you listen with friends it's a different experience.

Tim: In the car - it's probably the most time I get to myself.

Describe your new album in a few words.

Tim: A little more honest sounding.

Martin: Moody and intensive. It's the most stripped down record we've made.

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