It's OK - Delirious? launch new chart offensive (Christian Herald)
Last modified: 11 Feb 2000

Source: Christian Herald
Author: unknown
Date: 11 Feb 2000

A YOUNG woman who tried to commit suicide gained fresh hope after listening to it. And a series on Fox TV in the States has already used it as part of their soundtrack for an episode about crushing moral dilemmas. Yup, it's the new Delirious? single It's OK, and it's already making waves prior to its 21 February release date.

An acheingly reassuring ballad from the highly acclaimed Mezzamorphis album, it offers hope for those going through hard times. "We knew someone who was going through depression," said guitarist Stu Garrard, "and I started to write this song as an encouragement to them. The chorus comes from that -- 'It's OK, you know I'll live to fight another day'".

It has an anthemic feel and a strong melodic chorus -- it could be the old bugbear of national radio airplay that decides whether it storms the charts or just pays a lightning visit. It will be released in two formats: CD1 includes the full length video of It's OK for playing on your PC, plus new live favourite In Pursuit of Happiness and a new studio rendition of Come Like You Promise; CD2 features new song Jesus Blood, and an 'interactive ' version of In Pursuit of Happiness as featured on the Mezzamorphis tour last May.

Live in-store performances are lined up at HMV (4.30pm) in Southampton (21 February), Nottingham Listergate (22), Birmingham High Street Pavilion Centre (23) and Guildford (25), and at Virgin Megastores in Manchester (11pm, 20 February) and London Oxford Street (6.30pm, 24). Catch 'em while they're hot.

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