Behind The Scenes At A Gig - A Day With Delirious? (
Last modified: 28 Jan 2003

Author: Dave Wood
Date: 28 Jan 2003

Its 8am on a chilly January morning in Littlehampton, stood outside Jon's house. The band's van turns up with Tim in the driving seat and Stew alongside. Jon and I jump in and its straight off to pick up the remaining band members, Martin and Stu, followed by manager Tony. By 8:30am we're on the way to London for a rather special gig. Tonight Delirious? are performing a 'showcase' concert at the 'Underworld' in Camden. Along with 500 fans, members of the music industry and media are expected for tonight's one-off show.

By 11am we arrive in North London, and are introduced to John the venue manager. "I bet you haven't played anywhere this small in a long time" he comments, and he's not kidding. The stage, tucked into one corner of the room, is shortly going to look very cramped when the van load of equipment is unpacked and five band members with instruments are in position. The standing area for the fans looks marginally larger - clearly we're in for an intimate night.

Its all hands on deck to unloaded the equipment. As predicted floor space is at a premium as cases and boxes of all shapes and sizes appear from the Tardis that is Damo the roadie's white-van. A brief pause at midday for lunch, and its into the dressing room to discuss options for the setlist. A few songs get the chop, a few others are added, and before you know it - the evening's musical selection has been chosen.

By 2pm Damo and his team have turned an empty room into a fully working concert venue and its time for Delirious? to sound check. After an hour of repeated drum banging, guitar tweaking and running around getting everything sounding right, the band decided to do a full run through of the set list. Eventually everyone is happy and with nothing else to do, the band wonder off outside. Martin heads to the shops, Stu goes in search of Starbucks and Jon and I find an exhibition in a nearby gallery to look around.

We arrive back at the venue shortly before 6pm, and crew and band members all trek down the road to the local Indian restaurant for a curry. By 7pm we're back in the dressing room with time to kill. Support star Cathy Burton has arrived and before long the crowd start to pour through the doors, eager for the show to start.

The band get changed into their stage clothes, fashionable shirts, trousers and jackets all round. There's a slight change of plan when band manager Tony announces that some record executives who are due to turn up tonight have been delayed. But by 9pm all VIPs are accounted for and Delirious? walk purposefully out of the dressing room and straight onto stage. The crowd goes wild as guitars are strapped on and drums kick into life.

I take up position backstage with Damo the roadie, who is kept busy rushing on and off stage with guitars in between songs. The show goes by in a flash, and before long the band are coming off stage, before heading back out for a two song encore. Finally its all over, the crowd starts to disperse, the band recover in their dressing room, and Damo plus the crew start the process of taking apart all of the equipment.

By 11:30pm the van is packed up, the venue is clear and its time for the journey home. The band head for their van, this time with Jon in the driving seat, and we make our way though the streets of London and onto the motorway. It's been a long day, but everyone seems pleased with the evening. Eventually we arrive back in Littlehampton at 1:30am. Another day in the life of Delirious? has come to an end.

With thanks to Delirious? and Furious? Records for their hospitality (and curry).

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