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Last modified: 16 Jan 2000

Source: ITV
Author: n/a
Date: 16 Jan 2000

Presenter: There's this one bloke called Martin Smith...he's in a band called Delirious? and they're doing quite well.

[Video footage of Delirious? at Wembley during the Champion of the World event in 1997 plus footage of the band driving go-karts around a circuit]

Martin: It says in the bible that God gives gifts to all men whether they're saved or not saved. This is why some of the most incredible music can be made by anybody and sometimes the worst music is made by Christians. Which is historically sometimes the case.

Stew: I don't think there is a need for us to compromise about the things we believe in and the things we sing about in the songs.

Martin: Being Christian is about trying to say something positive. If you listen to any Delirious? music hopefully you'll hear a message in there offering a little bit of hope.

[Clip from the video to 'Deeper']

Presenter: Over the last 2 years Delirious? have had 3 top 20 singles and a top 20 album. They've packed out live venues all over the country and they've even got as many people in Wembley Stadium as U2. Thinking about the parable of the talents, what would you say your talents are?

Martin (grinning): Apart from driving you mean! [laughter]
Stew: Before we were in a band, God blessed us with other things. Whether that's producing or being an electrician or designing or whatever, so there are loads of things other than just being a musician, but at the moment we really feel blessed that God's given us a gift and an ability.

Stu G: The parables are a really good example of how to be, because Jesus spoke in a language that people could understand, using stories and pictures that were non threatening. Something that we want to endeavor to do as people, not just as Delirious?, is to be relevant and make sense to people.

Presenter: Why do you think that some people don't use their talent, or use it badly to sing about bad things such as drugs and sex.

Martin: There is a lot of hopelessness about, a lot of people searching, especially musicians all around the place. Everybody is just doing the best they can, writing about the stuff they're experiencing. If a lot of people are taking drugs and messing around or whatever then that's what they write about. We're writing about our experiences.

[Clip from the video to 'Promise']

Martin: Some of the teachings that Jesus gave are actually pretty cool. When you read through the New Testament there is actually a really good blueprint of how to live a life well.

Presenter: In the parable the man who buried his talent was punished. Do you think God punishes people for not using their talents properly?

Stew: If you sit back and do nothing about it then what can you expect? If you really go for something 100% then I'm sure things will happen for you.

Martin: We believe God has given us these gifts and songs and we feel he's smiling when we play, and that he loves what we do, so we're going for it!

Interview length: 3.45 minutes

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