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Last modified: 04 Jun 2001

Author: Dave Wood
Date: 04 Jun 2001

To mark the release of Waiting For The Summer this website talked exclusively to Jon Thatcher (d: bassist) about the latest Delirious? single.

Dave Wood: What made you choose 'Waiting For The Summer' as the next single?

Jon Thatcher: It was the hookiest, popiest track to come out of the studio, it also made us feel happy.

Dave: Tell us about the song; what is it about and what were the influences behind it?

Jon: We recorded this song in December 2000 and we were travelling to Brighton each day through road works and rain and we were talking and dreaming of the summer when these roads would be full of cars with wound down windows and beach balls on the way to the seaside destinations.

Dave: The video that accompanies this single looks really fun. What was it like filming it?

Jon: It was very squashed!

Dave: So far Delirious? singles have received only limited radio play. Does this worry you?

Jon: It would be nice to have more radio play and get our music heard by more people and more radio play would obviously do this, but we have a very dedicated fan base and we can do it without them - power to the people!

Dave: What does it feel like when you hear your songs on the radio or see yourself on TV ?

Jon: It is a very bizarre feeling, it is a bit like looking at yourself in the mirror - some days its good, some days its bad.

Dave: Which has been your favourite single by another artist recently?

Jon: One More Time - Daft Punk

Dave: Where will you be and who will you be with when you find out the chart position next Sunday?

Jon: We will be backstage in Dublin ready to go on stage with Bon Jovi.

Dave: Is there a position in the charts that you are aiming for? What position would you be happy with?

Jon: Our best so far has been 16 so anything above and beyond that would be fantastic.

Dave: Can Delirious? ever seriously compete with the big names in the charts such as U2, Radiohead or Travis?

Jon: I think the songs can compete with the best although it is a hard market to break and we have made life difficult for ourselves by doing it by ourselves.

Dave: How will you celebrate if the single does better than you expected?

Jon: We will celebrate by appearing on Top Of The Pops.

Dave: For many Delirious? fans, seeing the band on Top Of The Pops would be a dream come true. How important would an appearance be to you?

Jon: I think it would be a milestone but not a destination.

Dave: Shortly after the single is released you will be touring with Bon Jovi. Do you think that will benefit this single?

Jon: I think it will be a whole new audience and great exposure for us. Let's hope the second week we can stay up the charts.

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