Proving The Devil Doesn't Have The Best Tunes (The Bath Chronicle)
Last modified: 11 Mar 2006

Source: The Bath Chronicle
Author: Sam Holliday
Date: 11 Mar 2006

To The uninitiated, the idea of "Christian rock" may seem a complete contradiction in terms. The idea of a marriage between Christianity and rock music will bring forth images of Cliff Richard or well-meaning people with acoustic guitars and tambourines, trying to look as though they are in touch with youth culture.

Well, try telling that to the nearly 1,000-strong young audience that flocked to The Forum to see possibly one of the finest Christian rock bands in this country perform a thrilling and inspiring set.

Delirious? have been one of the top names on the Christian rock scene for a number of years now - and it is easy to see why.

Their faith is the cornerstone of everything they do, but over and above that, they are also a superb, tight and consistently impressive rock act that could hold their own in any modern musical sphere.

Delirious? are a serious band, with a serious message, who make serious music.

If I had to give any comparisons, there are definitely shades of U2, as both bands share an intensity, a passion and an ability to make you think as well as to dance.

The reaction from the audience - predominately young and very enthusiastic people - was ecstatic throughout, and Delirious? worked the crowd well, engaging them in the message and the music to provide a tour-de-force show.

Who said the devil had the best tunes?

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