Delirious? Rockin Around The World - World Service Silver Edition (L.O.S. Magazine)
Last modified: 01 Nov 2004

Source: L.O.S. Magazine (McDonalds instore magazine in Germany)
Author: Unknown
Date: Nov 2004

The following is an English translation of an article that appeared in the November issue of "L.O.S. Magazine", the instore magazine for McDonalds in Germany.

This band is well known to all its fans all over the world. Starting from their homeland of England, though Europe, North America, China, Australia to New Zealand - everywhere is "Delirious-Land". The fresh and lively sound of the band and their own story are the basis of their success. Only now, with ten years of their international career behind them, Delirious has brought things to a much higher level. Their new album "World Service Silver Edition" is musically more competent and also has a good feeling to it. In this way Delirious? Has presented their most impressive work.

In addition to this great achievement there are the singles "Inside Outside" and "Every Little Thing", other bonus material like the video of "Inside Outside" and the "Making Of" which are worth checking out. After admiring the band in the SWR Arena of Sound in front of 80,000 spectators and in the SWR3 New Pop Festival, you can also relive the indescribable energy of Delirious on their Club-Tour. So get Delirious?

(With thanks to Mike Evans for translating this article)

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