Interview with Stewart from Delirious? (Ceefax)
Last modified: 20 Feb 2000

Source: Ceefax
Author: Chris Charles
Date: 20 Feb 2000

Delirious? are one of Britain's most unlikely pop success stories. The Littehampton five-piece are bidding for their fourth consecutive top 20 hit, yet still have not been on Top of the Pops, while radio play is limited. The band's Christian beliefs are said to be holding them back, but drummer Stewart Smith remains optimistic. "I don't think there's a boycott. All we can do is keep knocking on the door and see what happens."

Delirious? drummer Stewart Smith wants people to enjoy the Christian rockers for their music, not their beliefs. The band, who release new single It's OK on Monday, have a solid fan base, but are keen to attract more followers. "We're just concentrating on making good music, songs people can enjoy whatever they believe," Stewart said. "Everyone sings about things they believe in, but the last thing we want is to push our beliefs on to people."

Delirious? may be billed as a Christian rock band, but they're not as squueaky clean as people might think. Drummer Stewart Smith confessed: "We do fall out from time to time and confront one another, but we've known each other a long time and manage to defuse things before it gets to fisticuffs." But do they go to wild rock parties? "We've just got back from America and had a few good times, but nothing I could mention," he laughed.

The new single by Delirious? 'It's OK' looks set to go top 20, but drummer Stewart Smith is aiming higher. The compelling heart-felt ballad, released on Monday, is possibly their best song to date and Stewart is hoping for their first top 10. "It would be great to have a top 10, a top five, get on Jools Holland and TFI Friday and become a household name." Nothing like setting your sights high!

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