Martin Smith On Delirious? Changes (Gospel Music Channel)
Last modified: 01 Jul 2008

Source: Gospel Music Channel
Author: Christa A. Banister
Date: Jul 2008

Considering that Delirious?' album Kingdom of Comfort just released in April and garnered plenty of great reviews, it was a rather surprising development when the U.K. worshippers recently announced in an e-mail to fans that they'd be "taking a break from recording and playing as a band."

For Delirious? frontman Martin Smith, a change in his family's hectic pace was crucial. "It's been 16 years," Smith told Gospel Music Channel in an exclusive interview. "And we're still in a good place as a band. The decision isn't because we've all fallen out with each other, which is always a good thing. It was a really difficult decision, but ultimately [my wife] Anna and I felt like we needed a change in rhythm and pace. So Delirious? will carry on to the end of 2009, and then we're going to take a complete break."

As a father of six children ages 10 and under, Smith said he "didn't want to miss all the key moments because they're still so young" and added that he's "looking forward to seeing what God wants to do next."

In addition to continuing his work with Compassionart (the album by the same name is tentatively slated for a January 2009), Smith looks forward to pursuing other songwriting opportunities. "I would love to branch out a little bit and write pop songs - something I've never really been allowed to do before," Smith said. "Who knows? Maybe even country. Now I'll get to spread my wings a bit."

For those who will still miss Delirious?' music in the meantime, however, Smith doesn't count out a possible reunion. "You know what? I think it'll come together again. I don't think it'll be the last time we play together. But right now I think it's good that everyone goes off and does his own thing for a little bit."

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