Stu G's favourite 10 albums (
Last modified: 01 Jul 1999

Author: J. Warner Soditus
Date: Jul 1999

"In the band, we're on a journey. We're not where we're going to end up, but we're further on than where we were last year," says Delirious? guitarist Stu Garrard about his group's latest album, Mezzamorphis. "The title is a mixture of two cuts on the album: 'Metamorphis' and 'The Mezzanine Floor.' Change is the theme of the album." Here are Garrard's favorite CDs.

||| 1
Radiohead: Bends
Stu Girrard: "When I heard this album, it stopped me in my tracks. The lyrics and music inspired me and really changed the way I played guitar and wrote songs from then on."
||| 2
U2: Achtung Baby
"I love this album! It's such a fantastic re-invention of an already successful band with superb sounds and songs."
||| 3
Manic Street Preachers: Everything Must Go
"This is probably my favorite British band at the moment."
||| 4
Bob Marley & Wailers: Babylon By Bus
"I didn't know which Bob Marley album to choose as a favorite, but this is a fun one that holds a lot of fond memories for me."
||| 5
Queen: Live Killers
"What can I say about Queen? This is the album that inspired me to pick up a guitar for the first time."
||| 6
Rush: Permanent Waves
"This album is one that I learned to play guitar with. Rush is one of the best live bands I saw perform in the 1980s."
||| 7
Bjork: Debut
"The first solo album from the former Sugarcubes lead singer. The tracks that are my favorites are 'Violently Happy' and 'Play Dead.'"
||| 8
Smashing Pumpkins: Adore
"I love to listen to this while I'm traveling. It's a great one to really chill out with."
||| 9
Pink Floyd: Meddle
"'Echoes' reminds me of my teenaged student years and all the great memories of growing up."
||| 10
Police: Synchronicity
"This is the last Police album and arguably the best. My favorite track is 'Synchronicity II.'"

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