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Last modified: 27 Feb 2003

Author: Martin Smith
Date: 27th Feb 2003

Today is Thursday and we are now on the 3rd song in progress. Working title is Inside Outside and it is turning out to be beautiful with an incredible groove and a soaring chorus "You still captivate me, fascinate me"

Tomorrow we hope to get into a song called Every little thing's gonna be alright which we've performed live a couple of times and has gone down well. We've overtaken a small studio near Arundel and we have gear everywhere from vintage keyboards to digital multitrack recorders. For those geeks out there like me you may want to know how we're doing it.

The premier drums are mic'd up in various configurations depending on the sound using a selection of Audix mics, including a, SCX25, CX111, SCX1 condensers and a D6 on the kick drum. The snare is on a an SM57 running through a Urei LA4 compressor. All drums are fed into vintage Neve mic preamps and recorded on the Otari Radar 24tk hard disk recorder at 24 bit, 48khz.

Still awake?! Jon's bass collection has grown for this project with the addition of a musicman sterling which is sounding fantastic through his Ashdown amp. We are taking a combination of D.I. and a AKG D112 mic on the cab.

Stu G has a small room just for his amps to provide separation of sound and is choosing different combinations for different songs. In there is a Park, Orange, Vox ac30, Tremoverb, Gerlitz and other oddities. SM57's are on the speakers and are fed into a Neve 8 channel radio desk for blending different mics.

Tim has loads of rack synths including his JV5080 and a filter factory. Also the fender rhodes is providing loads of inspiration along with the grand piano from my living room which we've managed to squeeze in. Most of Tims sounds are coming from plug in synths ranging from old analogue reissues to up to date digital rubbish(!)

For my vocal I've come back to the AKG solid tube mic which is running through a Jo Meek preamp and then into a Tube tech CL1b compressor. I have a fender twin for guitar sounds running into a palmer speaker simulator and a collection of keyboards for getting ideas.

The whole mix is running into a Yamaha O2R mixing desk and we are monitoring on NS10s Mackies and Genelecs.

Teabags are pg tips and coffee is decaff as we are opposed to drugs in the studio and final takes with shirts off are compulsory.

So think of us while we make this music that we cant wait for you to hear, it feels very exciting at the moment and we are ecstatic. Will keep you updated.

Cheers, Martin.

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