Delirious? Secret Service? (Sound Control Magazine)
Last modified: 01 May 2005

Source: Sound Control Magazine
Author: Unknown
Date: May/Jun 2005

They out-sell Robbie Williams by two-to-one in America. They've sold more than 2 million units worldwide and think nothing of three-day trans-Atlantic roundtrips for a sell-out festival appearance in front of 80,000 fans. They are Delirious? "Pop's best kept secret" (BBC Radio 1).

A band with a half-whispered story that gets better with every passing year.

Despite their relatively low profile at home, there are some things that Delirious? are well known for. Like their live show, a huge circus of sound and passion. Live, as they will be on June 11th in Edinburgh, it all becomes clear. Delirious? play it tighter, brighter and with altogether a whole load more balls than most. Their stadium sound echos the greats (U2 and Radiohead being at the top of the list), while their songs are all the excuse needed for the adrenaline to kick in and kick off.

There are other sides to the band too. Known for their faith as much as their home and away low/high profile, the band have taken ageing assumptions about Christian music and kicked them into touch.

The band's reputation has spread far, reaching the ears of the discerning. Both Bon Jovi and Bryan Adams called on Delirious? for support duties while on major UK tours.

As well as being invited to play the Athens Olympics last year, the latest invite from the top saw the band heading to Morocco at the invitation of the country's political elite. It's a strange world alright, but one that the band have moulded over the years.

According to singer Martin Smith, the future is open: "People sometimes have a preconception of what the music is about. But we don't have a specific agenda. We're not solely about bringing God into the charts."

Instead the band is all about the quality. Endorsements from Premier (drums), Gibson (guitars), Orange (amps) and Fender (basses) go some of the way to prove it, as do the Top 20 singles and albums over the years. But for the real test, the live show is the only solution. After all, you don't just want to take our word for it and you can't comment if you haven't seen it for yourself.

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